Biostraonomy 2007

These conferences provide an opportunity for astronomers, biologists, geologists, planetary scientists, and those from other disciplines to meet and discuss research of mutual interest for addressing the question of the origin and evolution of life on this planet and elsewhere in the universe.

Computational Astrobiology Summer School 2010

Invitation-only Computational Astrobiology Summer School (CASS). This is an excellent opportunity for graduate students in computer science and related areas to learn about astrobiology, and to carry out substantial projects related to the field.

2011 Astrobiology Winter School

This school will provide approximately 40 post-graduate participants with a broad but high-level introduction into astrobiology, emphasizing the origin and role of water in the emergence of life on our planet, and in the search for life elsewhere. It will be truly multidisciplinary, bringing together students and researchers from the diverse scientific backgrounds that contribute... Read more »

2014 Winter School – Water and the Evolution of Life in the Universe

Applications are due June 12, 2013 to attend the UH-Nordic Astrobiology winter school related to water in star & planet formation, water on early earth, ice and water in space and on other planets, origin of life on earth and the chemical processes of life on earth and extremophiles.