Award Winner: UHNAI Scientist, G. Jeffrey Taylor

G. Jeffrey TaylorUHNAI Scientist, G. Jeffrey Taylor, receives 2011 Shoemaker Distinguished Lunar Scientist Award, presented by the NASA Lunar Science Institute (NLSI) on July 19 at the Lunar Science Forum at NASA Ames Research Center. The Shoemaker Award, presented annually to a scientist who has contributed significantly to the field of lunar science throughout his or her career, is named after Eugene M. Shoemaker (1928-1997), considered a founder of the fields of lunar and planetary geology. Taylor’s research focuses on the the origin, nature, and history of planetary bodies as revealed by the petrology and chemistry of lunar samples and meteorites. His work also emphasizes the use of extraterrestrial rock and soil samples as ground truth for remote sensing studies. In accepting the award, Taylor noted Gene Shoemaker would be delighted with the wealth of new data from the recent international lunar missions and especially with the exciting new research on water in and on the Moon. Jeff Taylor is the third recipient of the NLSI Shoemaker Award and the first from the University of Hawaii. Congratulations!